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Joining Boy Scouts is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Find your youth's school on the list below, and note the pack number.  If they have a friend or relative that is involved in a certain Troop, seriously consider that Troop as youth enjoy being with their friends.

2. Click on the link below to go to the BeAScout.org website.  Here you will find the contact information for the Boy Scout Troop of your choosing using your zip code.

3. Telephone AND Email the person on the list, coordinate a visit, and get your youth registered.  It's just that easy!


Step 1: Find your school and troop listed below...

Step 2: Click on the school name to go to BeAScout.org

Remember that Step 3 is to contact the representative and get your youth registered and active!


School    Troop
AK (Andros Karparos - West Walton)    Troop 46
April Lane    Troop 7050
Arboga    Troop 513
Arbuckle    Troop 5
Barry    Troop 389
Bear River/Lone Tree    Troop 44
Bridge Street    Troop 7050
Browns    No Assigned Troop
Browns Valley    Troop 59
Burchfield    Troop 5
Butte Vista    Troop 7050
Camptonville Academy    Troop 6400
Cedar Lane    Troop 21
Cobblestone    Troop 513
Cordua    Troop 21
Covillaud    Troop 21
Dobbins    Troop 6400
Edgewater    Troop 21
Egling    Troop 5
Ella    Troop 21
Encinal    Troop 3
Faith Christian    Troop 6
Franklin    Troop 7050
Grace Christian    Troop 389
Johnson Park    Troop 21
King Avenue   Troop 7050
Kynoch    Troop 21
Lincoln    Troop 46
Lincrest    Troop 46
Linda    Troop 21
Live Oak Elementary    Troop 3
Loma Rica    Troop 59
Lone Tree/Bear River    Troop 44
Luther    Troop 3
Marcum Illinois    No Assigned Troop
Maxwell    Troop 5
Nuestro    Troop 3
Olivehurst    Troop 513
Our Lady of Lourdes    Troop 5
Park Avenue    Troop 6
Pleasant Grove    No Assigned Troop
Rio Del Oro    Troop 513
River Bend    Troop 389
Riverside Meadows    Troop 513
Spring Valley    No Assigned Troop
St. Isadore    Troop 6
Tierra Buena    Troop 6
Twin Rivers    Troop 6
West Walton - AK    Troop 46
Wheatland    Troop 44
Wheatland Charter Academy    Troop 44
Williams    Troop 5
Yuba City Charter    Troop 389
Yuba Feather    No Assigned Troop


Thank you for looking at LookingForScouts.org and for considering joining Boy Scouts.  What a great organization!

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PS:  If you don't receive a telephone call or email within three business days, please call the Buttes Area District Yuba City Service Center at (530) 822-9275.






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